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My private Facebook group is designed to help you launch an effective Instagram marketing strategy — and keep it going, even as the algorithm changes. There are no modules. No outdated advice. Just bite-sized, easy-to-implement strategies that will give you more leads — and more patients. 

There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to Instagram... 

🤨“Keep captions short and to the point”  

😬“Longer captions are better”  

😮“Only use a few hashtags per post”  

😳“Max-out your hashtag allowance”  

🧐“Hide hashtags on stories”  

😕“Keep hashtags visible on stories”  

How do you know what’s “right” — that the decisions you’re making will actually bring you leads and new clients?  

Instead of spending hours figuring out how the algorithm works, you can join my Facebook group for effective strategies and peace of mind — all while focusing your time on treating your patients.  

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POST ENGAGEMENT Instant support on your posts from other group members 

BITE-SIZED INFO Trainings, how-to videos, IG hacks + cheat sheets 

HASHTAGS A vault of the best # to include in your posts

SEARCH ON FACEBOOK "Make Money on Instagram with Molly" to join!

SELF PROMO WELCOME Collaborate and share your stuff- we are here to support eachother! 

DAILY SUPPORT FROM ME I’m in the group daily answering your questions.

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Instagram Boosts

Have you heard of “comment pods” or “follow loops”? These are popular engagement hacks where a group of the same people follow each other and engage with each other’s posts by liking and commenting.  

While this might sound like a smart strategy, it actually does more harm than good by creating a "closed loop" of who the algorithm thinks you want to interact with.  

I’ve got something better! As a member of my Facebook group, you can participate in daily Instagram Boosts.  

An Instagram Boost will get you real, organic momentum on your Instagram posts.  

It’s more effective than these comment pods and follow loops because you get instant engagement and the commenters vary since daily participants change. No red flags. No spam warnings. Just authentic engagement that boosts your reach on Instagram.  

Here’s how it works:  

1. Find Daily Boost Post

Open all day, every day starting at 6 a.m EST

2. Share Your Post Link

Copy/paste a link to your latest post in the comments of the Boost Post

3. Like/Comment/Save

Daily boost participants like, comment on and save each other's posts - including yours! 

Ready for authentic engagement on your posts? 

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Happy Entrepreneur walking in the sun

Hi, I'm Molly.

The algorithm makes you crazy… I keep you sane.  

As an Instagram expert and marketing coach, I help health and wellness practitioners use Instagram to grow their businesses by getting leads and, ultimately, new clients.  

You can probably tell that I have a pretty different view of the platform than most experts and users.  

To me, Instagram isn’t a popularity contest. It’s a tool for growth. My goal is to get you away from the comparison spiral and teach you to focus on what really matters: brand awareness and leads — NOT comments and likes.  

It helps that I’m obsessed with all things wellness. From chiropractic care to functional medicine to acupuncture to the brain-body connection and everything in between — it’s my jam.  

In fact, my Instagram career started in 2018 when my friend and chiropractor asked me to help with her Instagram. That led to helping an acupuncturist, then a massage therapist, then a personal trainer… and my business was born!  

But that’s not all. I’ve also spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on formal training — learning all there is to know about the platform.  

I’ve tried and tested e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. to see what actually works — and what doesn’t.  

The result? An interactive Facebook group where you’ll learn what matters in real-time.  

Creating exclusive trainings and other resources for health and wellness professionals like you truly LIGHTS MY SOUL ON FIRE.  

Let me show you why followers, likes and comments have little to do with your actual bottom line, teach you how to turn Instagram into a lead generation tool, and help you create a robust Instagram content library on top of all that (which, by the way, can be used on Facebook, too!).  

You’ve worked hard in your business and you deserve to be seen and heard.  

Ready to get the most out of your Instagram efforts?  

Let's Make Magic