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"Social media isn't bringing me leads" or "I have NO idea what I'm doing on Instagram" to booking more clients & patients and consistently generating leads...

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... no matter how many followers you currently have. You’ll get an action plan, the confidence to implement it, support to hold you accountable, and unlimited access to a library of wellness-centered content.

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Instagram is a great marketing tool for health and wellness professionals like you. But let’s face it: you’d rather be (or need to be) spending your time elsewhere rather than combing the internet for advice that may or may not work and figuring out what, when, or how often to post. 

Fortunately, with the right guidance, you can hack the algorithm and get Instagram to work FOR you. So much so that your ideal clients...  

  • find YOUR account when searching
  • engage with YOUR content 
  • and inquire with YOU
  • … even if you have a small following.  


It's possible, even if it sounds too good to be true.

With MasterGram for Business Growth, I’m going to show you exactly how to use Instagram to grow your business with ease. I’ve done the research, tried and tested all the strategies to find what actually works — and what doesn’t.  

So you can focus your time on what you do best- serving your clients and patients..  

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"Molly's Instagram guidance helped me solidify my place in the market as the go-to prenatal/postnatal and pediatric chiropractor AND GET MORE INQUIRIES. She also taught me how to use Instagram to encourage retention for existing PATIENTS! Both of which have grown the practice, which isn't surprising considering how important social media is today."

Dr. Christina Binder, DC


The algorithm is constantly changing.  

So something that worked for your business in the past might not work now.  

But with a business to run, you can’t afford to spend your time figuring out what’s going to make the biggest impact on your bottom line TODAY (or even tomorrow).  

Which is where I come in.  

I’ve spent hundreds of hours learning everything there is to know about Instagram.  

I’ve invested thousands of dollars on formal trainings and courses to find out how Instagram works for businesses.  

I’ve tested everything I’ve learned to see what actually works — and what doesn’t.  

And I’ve helped 100+businesses use my proven and up-to-the-minute Instagram strategies to grow their businesses.  

Now, it’s your turn.  

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Learn exactly what to focus on to get more leads and sales from Instagram (hint: it’s NOT likes and followers). Here’s what’s included:  

  • Six 60-minute Zoom video calls, each focusing on a specific area of Instagram with time for live Q&A each week. (Note: Calls will be recorded if you can't attend live.)
  • Call prep (like training videos you’ll get ahead of each call) so our time together is as productive as possible — aka you make actual progress to your account and walk away with a clear and easy-to-implement action plan.
  • Weekly homework and accountability check-ins, complete with real-time tracking of your results.
  • Access to a private Facebook group for daily support and personalized answers.
  • And the mega bonus- a wellness-focused content library full of photos for you to use, pre-researched hashtags and caption templates and prompts.

The next round kicks off 6/19/2020!

All for $597 (or two payments of $298.50)

"Molly's training changed the game for our small practice's social media. The moment we implemented what we learned, we saw tremendous growth and change over a week's time. Thank you, Molly, we couldn't have done this without you!"

Alison, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  


  • You’re a busy business owner in the health and wellness space
  • You’re frustrated with your current traction and growth on Instagram — or haven’t even considered Instagram as a marketing tool
  • You value your time and want the most CURRENT and PROVEN strategies that will actually deliver RESULTS
  • Your office manager, assistant or other staff member manages your IG account and you want them to learn the tricks-of-the-trade
  • You’ve invested in Instagram-related courses that are already outdated thanks to the ever-changing algorithm  

This program is NOT for you if...

  • You want to grow your followers just for the sake of "having more followers"
  • You aren't able to commit to implementing what you learn
  • You're interested in becoming an influencer

“I am so happy to report that I’ve already noticed a big difference in our engagement. First of all, my reach in February compared to January was up 91.08%. That’s almost double the number of accounts reached!!”

Kate, Wellness Blogger at Root + Revel and Creative Entrepreneur  

Followers and likes DON’T matter. At least not in the way you think. 

Having the right followers matters more than having a lot of disengaged ones

How many people you reach matters more than how many people “like” a post  

And someone NOT liking a post doesn’t mean they didn’t read or engage with it  

🤪 Is your head spinning? I’m here to straighten it out for you.

Hey There! I'm Molly.

Hi, I’m Molly! The algorithm makes you crazy… I keep you sane. 

As an Instagram expert and marketing coach, I help health and wellness practitioners use Instagram to grow their businesses by getting leads and, ultimately, new clients and patients.  

You can probably tell that I have a pretty different view of the platform than most experts and users.  

To me, Instagram isn’t a popularity contest. It’s a tool for growth. My goal is to get you away from the comparison spiral and teach you to focus on what really matters: brand awareness and leads — NOT comments and likes.  

What’s more, I’m obsessed with all things wellness. From chiropractic care to functional medicine to acupuncture to the brain-body connection and everything in between — it’s my jam.  

In fact, my Instagram career started in 2018 when my friend and chiropractor asked me to help with her Instagram. That led to helping an acupuncturist, then a massage therapist, then a personal trainer… and my business was born!  

Teaching healthcare professionals and wellness folks how to grow their practices using Instagram truly LIGHTS MY SOUL ON FIRE.  I wish more people would realize that they can play an active role in their health, and this is why I want to help YOU spread your message.

I’ll show you why followers, likes and comments have little to do with your actual bottom line, teach you how to turn Instagram into a lead generation tool, and help you create a robust Instagram content library on top of all that (which, by the way, can be used on Facebook, too!).  

You’ve worked hard in your business and you deserve to be seen and heard.  

Ready to scale your business with Instagram? Let’s make magic.  

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